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Firewood for sale

Pay only R850 for quality firewood and have it delivered FREE of charge to Sandton and most of Johannesburg.

Our firewood is made up of well seasoned Red Saligna logs. Seasoning of wood allows the moisture in the freshly cut log to evaporate allowing the wood to burn safely and more easily. Red Saligna is a hard wood which is a long burning wood and creates coals which make it perfect for keeping a room warm and toasty.a cosy fire keeps puppy warm

Because our Red Saligna logs burn with very little smoke, they are the ideal choice for a fire pit or a boma and definitely for your indoor fireplace. If you have any aromatic wood available you can't go wrong in adding a few logs to your Red Saligna fire as a companion, try cedar wood or some of our Sickle Bush wood for added aroma and crackle.

Lighting a hard wood can sometimes prove to be difficult, which is why we include a FREE bag of kindling, to help you get your fire started. Kindling generaly consists of pine cones, off-cuts of wood, broken up pallets, small sticks and branches.

You will need somewhere to store your fire wood, here are some things to consider

Safety considerations when building a fire in your indoor fireplace

Braai Wood - Sekelbos Braai Wood

Unlike using charcoal, braai-ing with a fragrant wood imparts a delicious aroma and adds to the flavour of the meat. The wood of the Sickle bush tree (Sekelbos) delivers every time, especially with red meat. So why not be one step ahead and order some braai wood with your firewood.

We will deliver 4 bags of braai wood for R100 if ordered along with a winter-load of fire wood.

Call us now on 011 482 5135 to order your Winter-load of prime firewood delivered to your door. You can also email us on

red saligna firewood
A Winter-Load of firewood

What is included in our firewood delivery?

Our price of R850 includes the following:


We deliver firewood for free to Sandton, Randburg, Fourways, Roodepoort, Parkhurst, Parkview, Westdene, Bryanston, and most of Johannesburg - please call to find out if we deliver for free to your area.

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