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    Pay by EFT or bank deposit for guaranteed anonymity. A unique payment reference number will be generated once you complete the order form below.

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    How do I use the HIV home test kit?

    Detailed instructions are in the packaging and in the video on the right. In short, you must put a drop of blood on the test strip, pour a drop of dilutant on that, then wait 4 minutes for the test results.

    Click on the heading below for step by step instructions

    View/ Download the instructions on how to use the HIV test kit (PDF).

    How do we deliver the HIV home test kit?

    You can decide how you would like to receive your HIV test kit.

    We do not use the post office any longer as most parcels were never received.

    The best option is to have your parcel couriered to your door. This service carries a charge of R75 and is most effective in the Pretoria and Johannesburg areas. Note that the courier fee is different for different areas.

    In order to make use of the same day courier option your payment would need to be received by us before 10am. Should your payment be received after 10am we will dispatch your parcel the following morning.

    To ensure complete discretion we will never mark the packaging with details of the contents.

    Typical packaging

    HIV Test kits look different in different countries but the goal remains the same. Testing privately and quickly.

    Depending on suppliers we may have HIV kits that vary slightly from the photos on this website.

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    National AIDS HELPLINE
    0800 012 322

    National HIV Health Care Workers Hotline 0800 212 506


    Test for HIV in 4 minutes!

    HIV home test kit

    Above: the single use HIV home test kit supplied by us.

    If you have noticed the symptoms of HIV then you should get an HIV screening test done as soon as possible. The symptoms of HIV are similar to the flu, things to look out for are:
    • sore muscles & joints
    • headaches
    • fever
    • stomach pains
    • lymph glands that are swollen
    • a skin rash that lasts a couple weeks

    Benefits of the HIV home test kit:

    • Be certain about your status, some symptoms may be misleading
    • Test for HIV in the privacy of your home
    • 99.9% accurate
    • Takes only 4 minutes to get HIV test results
    • Pay by EFT or bank deposit for maximum anonymity.
    • Easy to use, easy to dispose of
    • Peace of mind in minutes


    More information about testing for HIV using the home HIV test kits

    • HIV Test kits have a shelf life of 2 years.
    • HIV test kits are available from clinics but you must be tested by a nurse.
    • For any questions please call us on 011 482 5135

    Recently been exposed to HIV?

    If you think you may have been exposed to HIV in the past 72 hours read this page Post HIV Exposure

    Types of HIV tests

    Antibody tests

    The most common HIV test is an antibody test. Antibodies are part of your immune system that are produced when you come into contact with an infection. Antibody tests look for this immune response. These tests can be finger-prick tests or use blood samples sent to a laboratory. If this result is negative or non-reactive, then you are HIV negative.

    Combined antibody/antigen tests

    It is now common for antibody tests to also test for antigens. These are called 4th generation tests or combined antibody/antigen (Ag/Ab) tests. In these tests the antigen being tested is a major HIV protein called p24.

    Viral load (RNA PCR) test

    PCR stands for Polymerase Chain Reaction. This test looks directly for HIV in blood. It has the shortest potential window period and can be used from 3 days to 4 weeks after an exposure.

    Average time after exposure to detect HIV antigens and antibodies

    Different types of HIV tests

    For more information on Different types of HIV tests

    Page last updated on 29 May 2019. The 4 minute HIV home test kit is sold by eGenie (Pty) Ltd, 115 Maud Street, Florida, Johannesburg. Call 011 482 5135 office hours (Mon to Fri 8.00 to 17.00) or email sales@egenie.co.za.